Reducing Cat’s Stress Levels Before Treatment

The domestic cat is one of the most sensitive animals even under normal, healthy conditions. Just imagine how much worse it gets for the animal once it is truly placed in a position of (di)stress. This will happen when the cat suddenly becomes ill or injured. It will, of course, not be easy for the domestic handler to calm the animal down. But the first step towards required low stress handling will be for the owner or pet parent to calm down.

low stress handling

It is quite understandable that the cat’s handler should get upset too. But of what use is this going to be? It is hardly helpful; of that you can be certain. It will be far better to straightaway give the animal its own sense of calm that all will be well. When the animal senses that its owner is alright, it may be able to lower its own sense of fear, disillusionment and confusion. All the more so for the cat, given that it is among the most sensitive of all creatures.

It goes without saying that professional help will be sought after as soon as possible. It is always a good idea to already have a close relationship with a specialist veterinary surgeon. This vet is a specialist at handling the feline species. The relationship becomes a reality once the pet owner has already taken it upon himself to submit his cat for regular physical exams. But then again. Some cats just do not like traveling.

Specialized cat carriers have been built to help provide the entrapped animal with as much comfort as possible during its short transit. Once in the vet’s hands, there is nothing more to worry about, given that he already knows how to calm the animal down.